Carpet Cleaning

Horizon Carpet Care carpet cleaningHorizon Carpet Care & Restoration has been impressing our customers since 1980. We are continually  thinking outside the box to improve on quality and our customer’s experience. Exceeding our customers expectations is not a goal, it is the standard.  We love to move furniture and we do it for free. Every one of our customers receives a complementary bottle of spotter that will not re-soil their carpet. Our technicians are passionate about their job and it shows. While most service businesses seem to be cutting back on quality and service, we are constantly looking how we can improve.

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What separates us from the competition?


  • We are IICRC Certified – Most manufactures require you hire a IICRC Certified Firm to keep your carpets under warranty. Some of the certifications we hold are: IICRC Certified Firm,  Master Textile Technician, Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT), Commercial Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCMT) and we are Stain Master Certified. Is  your carpet cleaner certified? Here is a link to the IICRC for certification verification. Is my carpet cleaner certified?
  • We do warranty inspections for Stain Master carpeting – Because of our expertise and certifications, we have been the “go to” company for doing warranty inspection for DuPont Stain Master for years.
  • We love to move furniture and we will do it for free – We are here to give you service. We will clean your carpet and gently place your furniture back in it’s original location. Plastic tabs or blocks will be place under the furniture to protect the carpet and furnishings.
  • We will not pre-spray or pre-spot – Most companies and even end users will pre-spray, pre-spot aggressive chemicals and agitate the fibers in preparation for remove the soil. This process can leave a residue that will cause your carpets to re-soil. 90% of warranty claims that we encounter are a result of this practice.
  • We give a complementary bottle of carpet spotter to all of our customers – As stated earlier, the number one problem we encounter is re-soling conditions from improper spotting proceedures. It can take multiple cleanings to remove a residue issue from the carpet. We spent three years researching to find a spotter that is effective, complies with warranty and does not re-soil. We give this spotter to our customers so we can work together as a team. The results? Our customers have clean carpet without reoccurring spots.  This is a win win!
  • We will send two trained and courteous technicians – Some companies will only send one technician.
  • We will protect your furnishings and walls – We will place corner guards on the corners of your walls and furnishings to protect them damage.
  • We will groom your carpets after they are thoroughly cleaned – Grooming the carpet is a IICRC standard and allows us to perform a finial evaluation.
  • We call back every customer to ensure satisfaction – Our job is not done until we know that you are happy.