Tile & Grout Cleaning

Horizon Carpet Care & Restoration tile and grout cleaningWe can clean showers, counter tops, back splashes as well as floor tile and stone. We utilized truck mounted equipment with water pressure and heat to effectively remove the soil from the porous grout and tile or stone.



  • Furniture and appliances are moved – We want to do a thorough job. Part of that is cleaning under the appliances instead of cleaning around them.
  • Grout cleaner is applied to the grout and tile – The grout cleaner is applied to emulsify the grease and soil.
  • Grout cleaner is agitated – A grout brush is used to genitally agitate the grout cleaner into the grout joints loosening the deep accumulation of soil and grease.
  • The tile and grout are cleaned around the perimeter – Detailed hand cleaning is done around the toe kick and walls.
  • The tile and grout are cleaned – The tile and grout are cleaned utilizing our powerful truck mounted equipment. The circular pressurized hot water easily cleans deep into the pours of the grout and removes years of acclimated film from the tile or stone.
  • Speed drying –  The moisture will temporary darken the grout potentially hiding soil. The tile and grout are speed dried and evaluated. We will re-clean any need areas if they do not meet our standards.
  • Hand wipe tile – We will get on our hands and knees to hand wipe the tile and remove water spots and streaks. We will also perform a finial evaluation and re-clean areas as needed.
  • Furniture and appliances are placed back – We will carefully replace your furnishings and appliances.